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unable to comment
temperature has not warranted use of the equipment

I haven’t used the a/c yet. The weather has been very cool.

Looks good

Quick delivery
Looks great
Waiting on cabinet makers
Excited to see it installed

Great service!!

Product was delivered on time and is what we ordered….as we have had a very cool spring they are not set up, but feeling optimistic!!

Very fancy look. But less efficient ..

I am happy with it. Noise is acceptable at highest speed.
But i imagined it would be more efficient for 500cfm capacity. Maybe the small footprint is not covering the oven surface as much as it should.

Eco-Air Portable Air Conditioner (9,000 BTU)
John W Woodcock (Coquitlam, BC, CA)
Just tested the unit.

Weather is still too cool to require an air-conditioning unit to operate.

Portable A

Great service and delivery. Very impressed

Delivered on time - All fine so far 🙂

Delivery was perfect, on time.
Product seems to work fine and due to the weather right now there was not much to test out except a few cooling down sessions for the sake of testing..

Eco-Air 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Smart Wi-Fi Control

Review will have to wait for warmer weather when said item will have it’s first use. Just getting prepared for whatever happens this Summer! ☺️


So far so good


The under cabinet hood looks nice and works well. The only think to improve are lamps. They are getting hot after short time.

test review

test review

Excellent unit

Works well, fan is a little loud, but for the price everything is acceptable.

Exactly as advertised. Love my purchase!

Great Product - Amazing Customer Service

This unit has been a lifesaver for me and the staff went above and beyond in making sure everything went well for me. They even replied to a panicked text regarding set up at like 10pm! Honestly I could not recommend them and this unit enough. This unit cools over half of my 900sf apartment with ease and is not nearly as loud as I was expecting. Get yourself one of these and put an air circulator (not a fan) next to it, you will not regret it.

The app

The app doesn’t allow two ppl to control it at once which isn’t cool

New Eco-Air 14,000

We are quite satisfied with the new air conditioner we received recently - it cooled down our 1400 sq. ft. condo nicely and we were able to survive the extreme heat comfortably. The setup was was easy and we had the unit up and running within minutes.
There is one negative comment I have to make on the design of the window insert that holds the extendable duct to the outside. The material of this insert needs to be re-thought - as I was carefully adjusting the insert, the heavier end bent slightly away from me and caused the narrow edge on either side of the opening to crack and almost snap off. This would have rendered the insert quite unusable. I managed to catch the extended end of the insert and stop the break, but it's in the window rather tenuously. Not sure if it will survive the removal of the duct at the end of the season.
I see this as a design flaw and an annoying one. The material that the insert is made from is not flexible enough to withstand even a slight bend and is not appropriate for use here. A less elegant replacement can be constructed but it will be just that - less attractive and quite frankly a pain in the neck.

Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback,
Sharon Byrne

Fast local delivery.

Thank you Comfort Direct for delivering the air conditioner the day after ordering (although I didn't appreciate having to lug it up to my fourth floor apt after it was dropped off in the lobby - I'm 72). The unit worked fine and thanks to Comfort Direct, arrived on the morning of one of the hottest days. Perfect timing.

I was very impressed with the customer service. The unit does vibrate which makes it somewhat noisy, otherwise it works well.

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